Provides a simple GUI to examine PHP variables, for example complex arrays or objects.

The GUI consists of two parts: a tree on the left side, displaying the values/objects/arrays that have subkeys/subvalues, and a list with scalar key-value pairs on the right side.

To use it, just include Gtk/VarDump.php and call the constructor with the variable to be dumped.

Inspecting a variable with Gtk_VarDump

//some test class to dump
class Test
	var $color  = 'blue';
	var $foo	= 'bar';
	var $self   = null;
	var $server = null;

	function Test()
		$this->self   =& $this;
		$this->server =& $_SERVER;

	function doNothing()
		//we're doing nothing here

//include & display the variable
require_once 'Gtk/VarDump.php';
new Gtk_VarDump(new Test());
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